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Let Us Learn About Subtraction

Subtraction is the study of arithmetic operation for finding the difference between the two quantities or numbers. Study of subtraction involves the problem of solving the meaningful problems, which involves only the whole numbers. Subtraction is mainly used for the pictures, words, and also for numbers. Online subtraction study gives us more ideas about the subtraction. The whole numbers can be used through 999. Subtraction is also called as the deduction process. Learn subtraction more in the online.

Definition of Subtraction:

  • In this page, we will study the performance of the subtraction operation on decimal numbers and then solve some problem. So that the subtraction operation will be more clear.
  • Subtraction is the process of removing one number from other number by comparing the two numbers.
  • Subtraction is resembled by using the minus(-) symbol.
  • Number of definitions are given in the online for the study of subtraction.

Types of Subtraction:

  1. Single digit subtraction
  2. Subtracting single digit from two digit
  3. Subtracting single digit from three digit
  4. Two digit subtraction
  5. Subtracting two digit to three digit
  6. Three digit subtraction

Methods of Subtraction:

Different methods used to study the subtraction. They are,
  1. Dynamic subtraction
  2. Whole-part subtraction
  3. Finding unknown
  4. Horizontal subtraction
  5. Vertical subtraction
  6. Comparing
  7. Subtraction using pictures
  8. Subtraction through story and word problems.

Subtraction of Decimals:

Study of subtraction by using the decimal number is same as the subtraction by using the whole number.
Steps for Subtraction of Decimals:
  1. Write down the numbers with one and above other decimal points lined up.
  2. Append zero at the end of decimal to make the same length of decimal digits.
  3. Then, subtract normally by using the same procedure.
  4. Put the decimal point in final result in the same line of decimals.
  5. Refer the online for getting more steps on subtraction.
Subtract using the decimal number 2.5 from 4.45.
Place the decimals in same line: 4.45
- 2.5
Add zero at the end 2.5: 4.45
- 2.50
Subtract: 4.45
- 2.50
Place the decimal: 2.95

Calculate 7.005-0.55

Line the decimals up : 7.005
"pad" with zeros 7.005
- 0.550
Subtract: 7.005

And that was just like 7,005 - 550 = 6,455

To subtract decimals, we proceed as follows :
i)Convert the given decimals into like decimals.
ii)Write the smaller decimal under the larger one so that the decimal points of both the decimals are in the same column. The digits having same place values should be in the same column.
iii)Subtract exactly as in the case of whole numbers.
iv)In the difference, put the decimal point exactly below the decimal points of two given decimals.
For example :
1)Subtract 43.75 from 83.98
Writing the given decimals in column form and subtracting, we get
Tens Ones . Tenths Hundredths
9 6 . 2 8
- 6 6 . 1 5
3 0 . 1 3
[Here we observe that 9 tens, 6 ones then decimal point, 2 tenths, 8 hundredths - 6 tens, 6 ones then decimal point, 1 tenths, 5 hundredths = 3 tens, 0 ones then decimal point, 1 tenths, 3 hundredths.]
Hence, 96.28 - 66.15 = 30.13

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