Tuesday, September 14, 2010

integration by part

Let us learn about integration by part

Integration by parts is referred as a rule that transforms the integral of products of functions into other ideally simpler integrals. The rule begins from the product rule of differentiation.
If u = f(x), v = g (x) and the differentials du = f '(x) dx and dv = g'(x) dx, then the product rule in its easiest form is:

1 of very common mistake students usually do is

Take g(x) =1 & f(x) = x. Therefore, 1 may wonder what to do in this case. A partial solution is given by what is called Integration by Parts. In order to understand this technique, recall the formula

A technique applied to find the integral of the product of 2 functions by means of an identity involving another simpler integral; for functions of 1 variable the identity
is for functions of several variables the technique is tantamount to using Stokes' theorem or the divergence theorem. Integration by parts is an integration technique which is depends on the Product Rule for derivatives.

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