Monday, November 26, 2012

Examples of Algebraic Expressions

Algebraic expressions are the fundamental elements in mathematics which define a relationship and actually form an expression or equation. They are just the replacement items of expressing the arithmetic operations in words but without which it would be a lengthy process to express the mathematical relations. We know that the arithmetic operations are division, multiplication, addition, subtraction and exponential forms of a rational number. So, for defining these numbers and calculate and relate it, the algebraic equations are formed.

Definition of Algebraic Expression
An Algebraic expression is a combination of symbols which were used in algebra and contain one or more variables, numbers and arithmetic operations. The algebraic expression definition does not give the full essence of understanding the actual meaning, without the appropriate examples. Sum of the examples will be discussed later in this article. Also, if the algebra expressions are set with a value by providing equal sign in between them, then it will be called as an equation.

Usually, every expression will be made up of some terms. The terms are nothing but the values represented in the expression. They are separated by the arithmetic operations such as minus, plus etc. The main three parts of the most algebraic expressions are namely constant, variable and coefficient. The variable is an unknown number which changes often. A constant is a number expressed which will not change its value. Finally, a coefficient is a number which is multiplied by the variable mentioned above.

Examples of Algebraic Expressions

  • Let us start with from a small basic example. If when we want to make an expression of a number and its increment by 12 means, we can express it by simply x + 12. Here the ‘x’ is the variable and according to the variable, the value of the expression changes. 
  • The sum of twice of a number and eight. This can be simply and easily represented as 2x + 8. 
  • Five times the sum of three and two can be simply expressed as 5(3+2).
  • X – a/b. This expression consists fully of variables and which means that ‘a’ is divided by‘d’ and then whole subtracted from ‘x’.
  • An electrician earns fifty dollars per hour and also he spends twenty dollar every day on gasoline. So in order to find his earnings per day, it can be algebraically expressed as 50x – 20; in which ‘x’ is the number of hours he works. Also if we want to calculate his monthly earnings, then the expression will be 30 (50x-20).
  • The algebraic expressions can be bigger also in many cases such as xy+6y+31z+24 and even bigger.

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